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Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.

A Volunteer Non-Profit Supporting Multi-Use Trails in Fayette, Ross and Highland Counties


Visit our Facebook page for latest news!                      Follow this LINK for a little railroad/trail history! historythe trail!

Trail Safety!  Following a few guidelines will prevent unnecessary accidents.






Be Courteous.

All trail users, including bicyclists, joggers, walkers, wheelchairs, skateboarders, roller bladers, should be respectful of other users regardless of their mode, speed or level of skill.

Be Predictable.

Travel in a consistent and predictable manner. Always look behind before changing positions on the trail.

Don't Block The Trail.

When in a group or with your pets, use no more than half the trail so as not to block the flow of other users.

Keep Right.

Stay as near to the right side of the trail as is safe, except when passing another user.

Pass On The Left.

Pass others,  going your direction, on their left. YIELD TO SLOWER AND ON-COMING TRAFFIC. Use hand signals to alert those behind you of your moves. Look ahead and back to make sure the lane is clear before you pull out and pass. Pass with ample separation and do not move back to the right until safely past. REMEMBER: CHILDREN AND PETS CAN BE UNPREDICTABLE.


When stopping, move off of the trail. Beware of others approaching you from behind and make sure they know you are pulling over.

Give Audible Warning BEFORE Passing.

Give a clear signal by using voice, bell or horn before passing. Give the person you are passing time to respond. Watch for their reaction. So that you can hear these safety signals, please don't wear dual ear headphones on the trail.

Obey All Traffic Signs And Signals.

Use extra caution where trails cross streets. Stop at all signs and intersections and be cautious when crossing driveways. When entering or crossing a trail yield to traffic on the trail.

Be Respectful Of Private Property.

Trails are open to the public, but often the land on the side of the trail is private property. Please respect all property rights and stay on trail and berm.

Clean Up Litter.

Do not leave glass, paper, cans, plastic, or any other debris on or near a trail. If you drop something, please remove it immediately.  If you do find litter please help by picking it up.


Please!  Do not block farm equipment access or park on private land if parking along road.

Always Exercise Due Care And Caution!

“Tri-County Triangle Trail” has a new name!  Paint Creek Recreation Trail

The trail had official and “unofficial” names for sections of the trail in City of Chillicothe, Ross County, Fayette County and City of Washington Court House.  Now the trail will have a single new name for the entire length.

Tri-County Triangle Trail Supports Recreation in Fayette and Ross Counties


Since it’s founding in 1991 Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc., an all volunteer group that has no paid employees or office, has supported the creation and maintenance of recreational trails for walking, cycling, walking your dog, running or just enjoying a nature walk.  Working closely with the Ross County Park District, Village of Frankfort, City of Chillicothe, Township Trustees, a 30 plus mile paved trail from Chillicothe to Washington Court House was constructed.


Tri-County Triangle Trail worked tirelessly to acquire the right-of-way from the railroad then donate the land to Ross County Park District in Ross County and then support and assist in the completion of the trail from Washington Court House to Chillicothe.


Along the trail you will see the natural beauty of the region including streams, pastoral country views, wild life and flowers and even a covered bridge!  However maintaining and making improvements to the trail requires funds and labor to mow, remove dying trees, cut back invasive weeds, repair root damage to pavement, repair and maintain the signs, pavement surface repairs and construct amenities such as covered benches.  TTT makes funds available to assist in the maintenance and repairs to the trail and volunteers of Tri-County Trail work regularly in Ross County with the Ross County Park District and local Township Trustees, City of Washington and County Engineer in Fayette County to maintain the trail and improve trail user experience.


Our volunteers help with maintenance of the trail.  Recently TTT has sealed cracks in payment and applied an environmental friendly sealant to extend trail life in Fayette County.  We have also converted a bridge to a covered bridge, paved bridge decks as a maintenance repair, painted stop and stop bars at intersections, replaced stop signs, repaired vandalism and completed paving of a mile of trail and improved parking area at the Robinson Rd trail head.  Volunteers have repainted the mile markers on the trail at half-mile intervals starting at Chillicothe and ending at at mile marker 30.0,Robinson Rd. in Fayette County  All these improvements were completed with the generous donations of trail supporters, income from our annual Cookie Ride, and small, but important, grants from Fayette Travel and Tourism!  


Increasing costs of maintenance as the trail gets “older” and some serious erosion issues that need attention makes the contributions by supporters to Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.  and volunteer work on the trail even more important now than in the past!  To assist in our efforts please email us at tricountytriangletrail@gmail.com   


Tri-County Triangle Trail is a 501-c3 non-profit so your contributions are tax deductible as permited by the IRS.  Check with your tax accountant for IRS rules/limits on charitable contributions.


Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.  Board of Directors, members and supporters would like to thank the Ross County Park District, Ross and Fayette County Commissioners, Township Trustees where trail is located, the City of Washington Court House and City of Chillicothe, the Fayette Travel and Tourism for their continued support of making the Paint Creek Recreational Trail (Formerly the Tri-County Triangle Trail) the longest and most scenic recreational trail in Southern Ohio!


We look forward to working to continue to improve the trail and keep it open for generations to come.  A priority is to support the effort to properly fund the Ross and Fayette County Park Districts to meet the challenges of maintaining and improving the trail and all parks in Ross and Fayette County.


On The Trail Today!

Trail Volunteers completed installation of new trail signs in Fayette County!  A big thanks to Fayette County Travel and Tourism for a $3500 grant for the new signs and sign posts, the Fayette County Engineer for installing an additional 15 sign posts and Tri-County Triangle Trail Volunteers for ordering and installing the new signs.  


The new signs included all new STOP, STOP AHEAD and CROSS TRAFFIC DOES NOT STOP signs at all intersections.  Also installed were new mileage to destinations, points of interest, a new trail name sign and more.  We hope the signs provide better safety and information useful to trail users!  We are working hard to make the trail a better place for outdoor recreation and enjoyment of nature!  A big thanks to the Fayette County Engineer for cutting back brush 10’ from trail berms and the Wayne Township Trustees for mowing the trail!  


TTT has purchased a powered trail blower which can be towed by our Deere Gator or any vehicle with a hitch.  It will be delivered soon and will help keep the trail clean.  


The Ross County Park District has obtained the required Ohio EPA and Federal permits to begin work on the two most serious erosion points on the trail near Veterans Parkway (mile marker 7) and at Bridge #10 (mile marker 11) west of Hopewell parking lot.  Work on these 2 sites will begin in December 2021 and as a result the trail will be closed to all users along these sections until completed.  TTT paid the $2,000 permit fee to the Ohio EPA.  Work is underway to fix the erosion issue.


The Fayette County Engineer has started cutting back brush along the trail from Shaw Wetland to Fairview Rd.  Please use caution when approaching mowing equipment.  Pieces of brush can be thrown from the mower and cause personal injury.  Trail users are advised to wait until operator stops equipment before passing.  Please stay back at least 100 feet.  Thank you!

Ross County Park District has mowed and cut back brush on western part of trail to Fayette County line.


Fayette County Park District is currently working to acquire right-of-way land west of Wash CH. Tri-County Triangle Trail is assisting with a $5,000 donation towards the purchase. This is near Jamison Rd and will complete land acquisition to connect to Wilmington.


Quick Fact:  The Paint Creek Recreational Trail between Washington Court House and Chillicothe has been designated State Bicycle Route 20.  State Bicycle Route 20 connects Xenia to Marietta as the

Designated East-West Bicycle Route across Ohio!  CLICK HERE for Google Map of trail.


Pie Ride Returns October 6!


This is a 14-mile round trip bike ride event on a flat rails-to-trail bike

path that is open to all ages and all skill levels.

It begins at the Hopewell National Park at 6:30 p.m.  Pie and ice cream

are available for purchase at the mid-way point in Frankfort, Ohio.

Since the return trip is at night, lights are essential and helmets are encouraged.

Please join this laid back community bike ride and enjoy the crazy bikes, lights and

fun atmosphere.  All riders and families are invited.



Thanks to all who participated in the 26th Cookie Ride to support the trail!  A big thanks to all volunteers that baked great cookies, marked the ride, made maps, registered riders and helped in many ways!  We are looking forward to the 27th Cookie Ride next year.


This was the first event and fund raiser for the trail since 2019 so your support is greatly appreciated!  We face challenges ahead as the Ross County Park District continues to struggle with trail maintenance.  Several miles of trail date back to the early 1990’s and is plagued with root intrusion.  Being a trail that follows and crosses the North Fork of Paint Creek from Austin Road to Veterans Parkway erosion caused by changes in the creek channel and by man made changes along the route threatens the safety and path of this beautiful trail.  Many of you have commented and made suggestions to improve the trail for which the Ross County Park District owns.  Tri-County Triangle Trail supports this effort with the purchase equipment and volunteers which save the Park District resources and improves the quality and safety of the trail.  Our volunteers assist the Ross County Park District by removing fallen trees across the trail, make repairs to decks and repair bridge decks damaged by fallen trees.  Tri-County Triangle Trail maintains the 5.5 miles of trail with the assistance of the Wayne Twp. Trustees and Fayette County Engineer in mowing and clearing brush.  This year we purchased a high power blower which clears the trail of debris and is being used in Fayette and Ross counties.  Tri-County Triangle Trail applied for a grant in the amount of $3,500 to replace 54 trail information and safety signs in the Fayette County!  We are certain that with the support of Tri-County Triangle Trail this beautiful trail will remain open for generations to come.  It takes the cooperation of all of us to keep the trail open to the public and safe for all users!


Tri-County Triangle Trail is continuing to support efforts to extend the trail from Washington Court House west to connect to the Ohio Erie Trail at Xenia and southwest to Wilmington and onto the Little Miami Trail in Morrow.  The right-of-way has been acquired and a grant to complete several miles of this project has been granted to the Fayette County Park District.  These projects will link Fayette and Ross County to the most extensive networks of recreational trails in the country.  It will bring travel, tourism and great outdoor recreation to our counties.  But your support is needed to keep our trails safe and open for enjoyment now and future generations.  These trails are all open to the public.  Discover the beauty of the trail system!  Whether you walk, jog, run, ride a bicycle or by wheelchair you can enjoy these trails.


To make this possible volunteers are needed!  If you would like to join our volunteer force please complete and mail the following form: Volunteer Registration Form


To become a member click on the Membership button at the top!  Your membership will be appreciated and you will be able to keep up with important trail information with our quarterly newsletter!