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Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.

A Volunteer Non-Profit Supporting Multi-Use Trails in Fayette, Ross and Highland Counties


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Work Started on New Trail Projects!


All the projects listed here are the result of generous donations of our members and supporters, the funds raised by the annual Half Marathon and 5K and the Cookie Ride, the dedicated efforts of the members of TTT and the support and coordination with local government.


Covered Bridge Completed! The bridge is located on the trail 1.6 miles east of the Robinson Rd in Fayette County. The adjoining property owner has also contributed to the project with funding and material support.  

2 miles of new trail between Jamision and Bush Roads west of Washington Court House has been completed and is open for use.  Funding was provided by Recreational Trails Grant awarded earlier this year by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and a local contribution by Tri-County Triangle Trail in the amount of $27,000.  This is the first of several projects needed to connect Washington Court House with Wilmington.  The trail runs parallel to US 22 on the north side.  Additionally a grant has been awarded to the Clinton County Park District to construct up to 6 miles of the trail in Clinton County


The project is a  cooperative project with the Fayette County Commissioners and Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc. With the county providing the administration and processing the reimbursement costs.  The purchase of the right-of-way was made possible by a cooperative effort by the Clinton County Park District and Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.  The funding for preparation of the  grant application and the project inspections costs were provided by Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.  This funding provided by the generous donations, dues of members and participants of Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc. Events including the half marathon and Cookie Ride!  


On July 13, 2015 Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc. authorized spending of $400 to repair the Recyclers covered bench that was recently destroyed by a falling tree 2.4 miles east of Frankfort and the purchase of a hydraulic flail mower and hydraulic controller to mow banks and keep evasive weeds from encroaching on the trail.



Read about what has been accomplished this year so far and future events!  Find out what is happening in 2015 on the trail, up coming events, new grants and new trail construction!  Updated July 6, 2015  


 By Jackie Doles, V.P. & Corresponding Secretary

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Updated 9/8/15

Questions?  Email tricountytriangletrail@gmail.com

Pictured Above:  Work begins May 13 on paving 2 miles of new trail between Jamison and Bush Rd.  The trail will ultimately connect Wilmington and Washington Court House.  Thanks to Bruce Willis for photo!


New Grant Application Submitted!


Tri-County Triangle Trail has partnered with the City of Washington to apply for a Clean Ohio Trail Fund to construct two connector multi-use trails.  One will connect the trail head at the Robinson Road west approximately 2 miles.  This will eliminate the 2.4 mile marked route on roads and eliminate the SR 753 crossing.  The second multi-use trail will connect Eyman Park on the west side of Washington Court House to the Fayette County YMCA and will follow a scenic route along Paint Creek.


This grant was submitted on February 1, 2015 to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  The 195 page document was coordinated and submitted by Jim Schneider of Trailworks.  We will know if the grant is successful in September or October. Jim has assisted TTT previously on the Jamison to Bush Rd. Project.     


This map shows how these connectors through Washington Court House fit current and future regional trail hub in Washington Court House with connections to Xenia, Wilmington, Circleville and Chillicothe!


Click Here to open Hub Map

The 21st  Annual Tri-County Triangle Trail
"Cookie" Bicycle Tour a Success!


Thanks to all the participants and volunteers who worked at food stops and prepared our famous homemade cookies for all the riders!


We had a total of 138 riders this year to make it a successful fund raiser for trail projects!  This year we had a number of expenses that have strained our resources which included a cost overrun  on the local share on the construction of 2 new miles of trail using a Recreational Trails grant.


We also were able to complete construction of a covered bridge on the trail between Bogus and  Camp Grove Road and expenses for preparing a new grant to extend the trail head from Robinson Road to the City of Washington.  



Trail Maps, Parking, Places to Eat, Water, Restrooms and Picnic Areas along trail  CLICK HERE

Trail Conditions (8/11/15):  Trail is in good condition and cleanup of recent heavy rains has been mostly completed.  Walnuts are starting to fall so pay attention!  It would be helpful if trail users would kick walnuts off the trail.    


Stop at road intersections and look both ways before proceeding.  Cross traffic does not stop at any of our intersections!  


As always keep alert when riding, walking, running or jogging.  Remember this is a multi-use trail so bicyclists should pass slowly and announce by saying passing on left or ringing a bell, walkers and joggers should stay right to allow other users to pass.  Bicyclists must yield to other users and dogs must be on a leash at all times.  Use of headphones is discouraged for safety reasons.


Please be courteous when using trail!

NEXT EVENT:  Annual Pie Ride, Thursday October 1, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.


Click Here for directions to the Pie Ride!  The ride is free and fun!   Pie and ice cream are extra.  


Click Here to view/print the flyer.


Please call the Diary Cone, if possible, so they can estimate the number of pies needed! 740-998-6845