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Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc.

A Volunteer Non-Profit Supporting Multi-Use Trails in Fayette, Ross and Highland Counties


Our mailing address is:  Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc., PO Box 566, Frankfort, Ohio 45628

Our Email: tricountytriangletrail@gmail.com


Tri-County Triangle Trail, Inc. was formed in the early 1990’s by a few forward looking citizens with an idea to convert abandoned railroad right-of-ways into public multi-use  trails from connecting Chillicothe, Frankfort, Greenfield and Washington Court House.  Since this corridor formed a triangle the name for the group was established.    


Our mission has been to support recreational trails in Ross, Fayette and Highland Counties by working with local government agencies.  Through fund raising events, corporate donations and member contributions we have purchased over 20 miles of right-of-way. We subsequently donated the land to local government or Park Districts to develop the trail.  We have assisted  with maintenance, installation or facilitating the construction such things benches, rest stop kiosks, signs, as well as funding safety improvements.  We have seen the recreation trail system grow from 0 miles in 1990 to more than 32 miles since our group was founded.

We continue to support the development of trail, as well as, maintaining and enhancing trail experience.  Currently we are working to develop an ongoing maintenance program to assist the Ross County Park District and Fayette County Engineer in the routine maintenance of the trail.  


Trail Projects Tri-County Triangle Trail supports completion include:

Washington Court House - Tri-County Trail Connector:  A 2.4 mile section that would connect the Washington City Trail at Washington Cemetery terminus east to the Tri-County Trail head at Robinson Rd.

Washington Court House Eyman Park - YMCA Connector:  This trail would connect the city trail system from Eyman Park to the new YMCA on SR 41.

Washington Court House Temple Street - Eyman Park Connector: A 700 ft. Trail under railroad bridges to connect Temple Street to Eyman Park.  This trail would complete the trail through the city.

Washington Court House - Xenia Connector: A 13.4 mile section  from Washington Court House west to the Green County (right-of-way acquired) line to connect to the Greene County Park District Jamestown Connector.

Washington Court House - Wilmington Connector:  An 18 mile trail southwest to Wilmington.  Acquisition of right-of-way completed with grant application for starting construction submitted January 2012. This project is funded by the Clinton County Park District and Tri-County Triangle Trail with grants, if approved, from Clean Ohio Fund and ODOT.  


Washington Court House - New Holland Connector: An 8 mile trail east from Washington CH (right-of-way acquired) from Old Chillicothe trail end to east to New Holland.  Pickaway County Park District has acquired right-of-way east to Circleville.  


We also support trail extensions to connect schools, residential areas and work place to make pedestrian, handicap and bicycle transportation for work, recreation, shopping, health and eductional facility access safe and easy.

Once these trails are complete the region will have a connected recreational trail system which will enhance the recreation, health, quality of life and economic development of our region. This will make Washington Court House a major trail hub in SW Ohio.  


All that has been accomplished would not have happened without the dedicated help of government, citizens and Tri-County Trail members.  Here is a partial list of the many groups that made what has been accomplished  possible: the Ross and Fayette County Commissioners, the Ross County Park District, the Ross and Fayette County Engineers office, Village of Frankfort including the mayor and council, City of Chillicothe including council, mayor and parks department, City of Washington including the city manager, council and service department, the city of Greenfield, the Washington Tree Committee, Ohio Department of Natural Resources and former Representative Dave Hobson and private citizens, the Ohio Department of Natural Resouces and our members that made substantial contributions in terms of time and cash contributions.   Without the help and support of these and many more, none of this would be possible.

Recreational trails are the ultimate “green” transportation system.  They offer not just affordable recreation a way to get to work, school and shopping carbon free.  They provide habitat for wildlife and enable citizens to enjoy nature in a peaceful quiet way away from traffic and urban noise.  The benefits of recreational trails are many and we hope that communities continue to connect there residential, shopping, schools and parks with these ribbons of green transportation.

Tri-County Triangle Trail Milestones include:

1990 Group organized

1994 Acquired 20.3 miles of abandoned railroad

1999 First 4 miles paved from Frankfort east towards Chillicothe

2000 Trail grows by 2.75 miles to Maple Grove Road

2002 Trail grows again by 2.0 miles, connecting to new Adena High School from Frankfort

2002 Dedication of the Delbert Haines trail in Washington Court House

2003 Greenfield obtains grant to build trail in city

2004 4 miles completed in Ross County from Maple Grove Rd to Pleasant Valley Road

2004 Grant to repair and replace bridges and compacted limestone bass from Washington CH to Ross County line

2006 Bridges in Fayette and Ross County are competed

2007 Ross County Park District Completes Paving from Frankfort to SR 138 (Austin)

2007 Robinson Road to Fairview Rd in Fayette County is paved

2008 Limestone base is installed between Fairview Rd in Fayette County and Austin in Ross County

2009 Parking area constructed at Robinson Rd. Trail access in Fayette County

2011 Six mile section completed between Austin in Ross County and Robinson Rd. In Fayette County linking 32 miles of trail from Chillicothe-Frankfort-Washington Court House city limit.  TTT contributes $78,000 for local match to make project possible for Ross County Park District to complete.

2011 Grants approved to purchase right-of-way from DP&L from near Wilmington northeast to Washington Court House and from Washington Court House to New Holland

2011 TTT and Lions Club volunteers construct 640 feet of public boardwalk at Shaw Wetland

2011 TTT contracts for asphalt topcoat on one mile of trail between Fairview and Mills Rd at a cost of $26,000

2012 Clean Ohio Grant Applications submitted by Tri–County Triangle Trail and the Clinton County Park District to begin construction of trail connecting Washington Court House and Wilmington